The Invisible Dog

Author: Dick King-Smith

Janie would love to have a dog. She is surprised to get a real dog, a Great Dane, called Henry, but only she can see the dog along with Mrs…


The Imaginary

Author: A F Harrold

A girl has to save her imaginary friend when a sinister man turns up who consumes their energy to keep himself alive. Rudger is Amanda’s best friend. He doesn’t exist,…


The Extincts

Author: Veronica Cossanteli

George gets a job at Wormestall Farm, which turns out to be full of extinct scary creatures. When Mortifier, the giant basilisk, goes missing, George has to try to find…


The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow

Author: Katherine Woodfine

You are cordially invited to attend the Grand Opening of Sinclair’s department store! Enter a world of bonbons, hats and perfumes with mysteries around every corner. Two young department store…


My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish

Author: Mo O'Hara

Tom’s big brother is an Evil Scientist, who wants to experiment on Tom’s new goldfish, Frankie. Can Tom save his fish from being dunked in radioactive gunge? Er, no! In…


The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones

Author: Will Mabbit

If you like time travel, scary characters, dangerous adventures and lots of laughs this is the book for you. Never commit “The Deed”, NEVER! If you do, you could end…


How to Speak Dragonese

Author: Cressida Cowell

Haddock III was an awesome sword-fighter, a dragon-whisperer and the greatest Viking Hero who ever lived. But it wasn’t always like that! Hiccup’s memoirs look back to when Hiccup was…


Secret Breakers: The Power of Three

Author: H. L. Dennis

Together with her new friends, Brodie must break the rules to break the code, at every turn facing terrible danger. For someone is watching them – and will even kill…



Author: Niel Bushnell

12-year-old Jack discovers that he can travel in time through a power generated by grave stones.  Twelve-year-old Jack Morrow is used to life being complicated. His mother died five years…


The World of Norm: May Contain Buts

Author: Jonathan Meres

Norm knew it was going to be one of those days when he went to the toilet, just for something to do… But things can only get better, right?  WRONG!…


Snow Fright and the Seven Skeletons

Author: Laurence Anholt

Brand new series of six seriously scary stories full of humour.   Snow Fright loves being scared. Will she still feel the same when she gets locked in the terrifying roller…


Precious and the Mystery of the Missing Lion

Author: Alexander McCall Smith

Precious and Khumo want to solve the mystery. Will they succeed and find the missing lion?  Precious Ramotswe is on holiday, visiting her Aunty Bee at safari camp deep in…


Mooneboy: The Blunder Years

Author: Chris O’Dowd and Nick Murphy

Martin Moone is eleven years old and fed up with being the only boy in a family of girls. With three older sisters, he’s desperate for a sidekick to help…


Mabel Jones and the Forbidden City

Author: Will Mabbitt

Mabel returns to the fantasy world of pirate animals to rescue her baby sister stolen by an evil witch. What would you do if hungry vines emerged from your wardrobe…


Jack and the Giant Spiderweb

Author: Laurence Anholt

Do you like mixed-up fairy tales with grotty bits thrown in? Then this is the book for you.  Jack loves creepy crawlies and has a special spider, called Webster. Jack…


I am so over being a Loser

Author: Jim Smith

Barry is determined to prove once and for all that he is not a loser.  Barry’s mum has become a bit of celebrity after winning “The Voice of Feeko’s” competition,…


Horrid Henry Robs the Bank

Author: Francesca Simon

Horrid Henry is back and up to all his usual mischievous tricks! In this book containing four stories, Horrid Henry helps himself to all the money he needs to win…


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Author: J. K. Rowling

The amazing adventures of Harry Potter as he learns he is a wizard and enrols in Hogwarts. Harry Potter is an ordinary boy who lives in a cupboard under the…



Author: Jacqueline Wilson

Follow the mishaps of Tim on his adventure holiday… Tim’s dad is sending him on an adventure holiday, but Tim really does not want to go.  He is not sporty…


Vile’s Vengeance

Author: Guy Bass

Would you like to be a superhero with superpowers? How difficult would it be to keep a secret?  Find out as you read the adventures of Jonny and Tommy Atomic….


Rat Runners

Author: Oisin McGann

Set in a future world, four young criminals have been set the task of stealing a mysterious box now belonging to the daughter of a dead scientist. Note: contains some…


The Thief Lord

Author: Cornelia Funke

Winter has come early to Venice. Two orphaned children are on the run, hiding amongst the crumbling canals and misty alleyways of the city.  Befriended by a gang of street…


There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom

Author: Louis Sachar

Bradley Chalkers, is the oldest child in the class. He tells enormous lies and picks fights with girls. The teachers say he has ‘serious behaviour problems’. No one likes him…


Pyrate’s Boy

Author: E.B. Colin

Avast me hearties, there be pirates in this yarn!   Set in 1750, “Pyrate’s Boy” takes you on an historical trip from Glasgow, with tales of Jacobites, to Jamaica, with…


Secret Breakers: Orphan of the Flames

Author: H.L. Dennis

Brodie, Hunter and Tusia are at Station X, the secret code-cracking station at Bletchley Park. They are still wrestling with the great unanswered question: what secret lies behind the ancient,…


Moon Bear

Author: Gill Lewis

When a sick cub arrives at the farm, Tam secretly nurses it back to health and they develop an unbreakable bond. Tam swears to return his beloved cub to the…


Madame Doubtfire

Author: Anne Fine

Read this now classic story of a divorced father, who pretends to be a cleaning lady in order to see his children. The children, Lydia, Christopher, and Natalie Hilliard are…


Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

Author: Jeff Kinney

Greg goes on holiday with his friend’s family. Do you think it will all go to plan? Greg’s mum has different ideas about spending quality time together, which isn’t quite…



Author: Cliff McNish

In a blaze of light, rush of wind and scrabble of claws, Rachel and Eric are ripped through a wall onto another world. Like thousands before them, they have been…


Soldier Dog

Author: Sam Angus

How can one young boy survive World War I and find his brother with only a dog to help?   Stanley’s dad hasn’t been the same since his wife died…


The Children of the King

Author: Sonya Hartnett

A hauntingly beautiful story set in England during World War II from one of Australia’s most acclaimed writers for children. It’s the Second World War and, with London becoming an…


Middle School: The worst years of my life

Author: James Patterson

A chatty, funny, engaging book, one that often addresses the reader directly.  Follows the fortunes of new pupil Rafe as he negotiates the challenges of daily life at Hills Village…



Author: Gill Arbuthnott

A brilliant Scottish fantasy where Josh and his friend Callie find themselves involved with witches and magic. Josh hadn’t expected the sea to start to freeze and ice to creep…


The Unicorn Quest

Author: Kamilla Benko

Claire Martinson still worries about her older sister, Sophie, who battled a mysterious illness last year. Things seem to be back to normal as they move into Windermere Manor, until…


Sky Dancer

Author: Gill Lewis

This is a story of loss, expectation, and change – with an important and thought-provoking environmental message – grouse shooting versus the environment. Joe has always loved the moorlands above…


Kid Normal

Author: Greg James and Chris Smith

Murph Cooper starts a new school a few weeks into term and is feeling out of his depth. Not for the usual reasons about where to sit, making friends, and…


Hamish and the Neverpeople

Author: Danny Wallace

Hamish has to save the world again when the inhabitants from an alternative London try to take over the real world. Nobody knows it yet, but the people of Earth…


Fizzlebert Stump – the boy who ran away from the circus (and joined the library)

Author: A F Harrold

If you like a nonsense read with a bit of adventure thrown in, then this might be the book for you. Fizzlebert lives in a travelling circus with his parents…


Dave Pigeon

Author: Swapna Haddow

Dave Pigeon has written this book about how he defeated Mean Cat in order to help fellow pigeons everywhere. Cats beware! A funny, enjoyable tale about a superior pigeon and…


Daisy and the Trouble with Zoos

Author: Kes Gray

Daisy is going to the zoo as a special birthday treat. Suggested by the British Dyslexia Association. Daisy is going to the zoo as a special birthday treat, along with…