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When the new town of Glenrothes was constructed, a number of small venues served the community for entertainment purposes.

However, despite frequent requests from the community, no plan for a larger-scale theatre or community hall made it past the planning stages.

By the 1970s, calls from the community and District Council for an entertainment venue increased. In 1972, a working party was formed to investigate potential sites and designs for such a building; designs for a town centre complex were agreed upon, but financial constraints meant they were not followed through.

In 1983, proposals were put forward for what would become Rothes Halls. Again, financial constraints delayed construction, but in 1993 the building was finally constructed, offering state-of-the-art facilities and some of the biggest, most flexible theatre spaces available in Fife.

From its opening by actor and director Richard Wilson on 30 November 1993, Rothes Halls quickly became a landmark at the heart of Glenrothes. Since then, Rothes Halls has played host to a vast range of local, national and international shows; world-famous names, popular music acts, and amateur societies have all added to the venue’s history, and helped keep it an important part of local life.