Fife Art Exhibition

The Fife Art Exhibition is sponsored by Shell and open to all artists living in Fife who are not currently taking or who have not completed full-time degree or diploma art courses.
Only one work per artist can be submitted for display.
The works will be judged by a selection panel and the top six will be purchased by Shell and presented to Fife hospitals and health care facilities with winning artists receiving a Shell award of £200.
The image shows our 2017 winners.


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Locations & Times

Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly

FifeSpace at Lochgelly Centre

Wednesday 3rd Oct 09:00
Thursday 4th Oct 09:00
Friday 5th Oct 09:00
Saturday 6th Oct 09:00
Monday 8th Oct 09:00
Tuesday 9th Oct 09:00
Wednesday 10th Oct 09:00
Thursday 11th Oct 09:00
Friday 12th Oct 09:00
Saturday 13th Oct 09:00
Monday 15th Oct 09:00
Tuesday 16th Oct 09:00
Wednesday 17th Oct 09:00
Thursday 18th Oct 09:00
Friday 19th Oct 09:00
Saturday 20th Oct 09:00
Monday 22nd Oct 09:00
Tuesday 23rd Oct 09:00
Wednesday 24th Oct 09:00
Thursday 25th Oct 09:00
Friday 26th Oct 09:00
Saturday 27th Oct 09:00
Monday 29th Oct 09:00
Tuesday 30th Oct 09:00
Wednesday 31st Oct 09:00
Thursday 1st Nov 09:00
Friday 2nd Nov 09:00
Saturday 3rd Nov 09:00
Monday 5th Nov 09:00
Tuesday 6th Nov 09:00
Wednesday 7th Nov 09:00
Thursday 8th Nov 09:00
Friday 9th Nov 09:00
Saturday 10th Nov 09:00
Monday 12th Nov 09:00
Tuesday 13th Nov 09:00
Wednesday 14th Nov 09:00
Thursday 15th Nov 09:00
Friday 16th Nov 09:00
Saturday 17th Nov 09:00
Monday 19th Nov 09:00
Tuesday 20th Nov 09:00

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