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Format: 2018
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Ref No. Archive Title Date
FC/SS/2/1/69 Asset Plan Ordnance Survey Scale 1:2500
DG/D/2509 4 East Port, Dunfermline.
B/Cow/16/1/23 Proposed cottage Perth Road, Cowdenbeath for William Cook.
FC/ES/2/6/5 Therapets at Work!! poster
FC/Co/1/1/12 Fife County Council Land Reclamation Scheme No. 5, Lochore Meadows, Drawing No. LRS 5/D/1/12
H/Str/6/18 Discharged Patient files surnames Cooper to Crerar
FC/SW/15 Administrative records
FC/SS/2/1/278 Asset Plan Ordnance Survey Scale 1:2500
A/AQD/2/7 Balbirnie House and stables: notes of architectural detail
GDC/18/169/1/21 Glenrothes New Town Development and Organisation.
H/Str/6/101 Patient files
GDC/20/28/2/7 Approved Plans, Town Centre - Social Work Department, South St
A/AQD/2/92 Letters
FCC/8 Wemyss District Council of Fife County Council
A/AQG/4/6 Photograph of Dock gates
GDC/20/28/17/9 Approved Plans, Woodside SSEB,
A/AAF/39/1/32 Number not used
DG/D/166 9 Alexandra Street, Dunfermline.
B/Cow/6/2 Private Improvement Assessment rolls and Properties Outside Cowdenbeath Burgh
FC/ED/4/173/2/7 photographs of nursery children and staff from McLean Primary School Dunfermline
B/Cow Cowdenbeath Town Council records
FC/SS/2/1/31 Asset Plan Ordnance Survey Scale 1:2500
FC/SW/1/3/5 Fife Unit
B/Pi/7 Joint Water Committee
FC/EE/2/1/9 Local Plans
A/ABG/5/36 Photographs: Harriet Kate Cox
FC/CS/7/1/18 C.O.H.S.E. lapel badges
A/AAF/40/81/9/3 Instructions to factor
GDC/18/83/1/24 Negatives of Jubilee Centre, Stenton, Collydean Community Centre, Forum Hotel, Stakis Hotel, ex Golden Acorn colour.
A/ACA/4/3 Hymn sheet 'the sands of time are sinking'


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