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Format: 2018
Format: 2018
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Ref No. Archive Title Date
A/AQD/2/67 Gateside Coffee House: notes
FC/LA/7/4 Balmerino, Kilmany and Logie Community Council,
B/I Burgh of Inverkeithing records
FC/DS/9/AC/296 Westfield Opencast, work in progress, looking S.W.
FC/SS/2/1/15 Asset Plan Ordnance Survey Scale 1:2500
FC/ED/4/130 Newburgh - Dunbog
B/Les/1/3/15 Subscription list for Rev. John Muir
B/Cow/3/1 Cowdenbeath Town Council Day cash books
FC/SS/2/1/67 Asset Plan Ordnance Survey Scale 1:2500
B/Cow/16/1/19 Water/drainage for some streets (unnamed) in Cowdenbeath
A/APR Photographs of Markinch
FC/Co/1/1/7 Fife County Council Land Reclamation Scheme No. 5, Lochore Meadows, 4th Phase, Section Along Proposed 0.38m dia.concrete pipe, Drawing No. LRS 5/D/7
H/Str/6/14 Discharged Voluntary Patient files 1854-2029
FC/SW/11 not allocated yet
FC/SS/2/1/276 Asset Plan Ordnance Survey Scale 1:2500
A/AQD/2/3 Copy image of Markinch Horticultural Society show
H/Str/6/97 Patient files
A/AQD/2/88 Markinch images: copy
A/AEY Documents relating to water supply
A/AQG/4/2 Photograph of Dock gates
FC/POS/3 Records Inherited from North and East Fife District Council
A/AAF/40/83/2/2 Questions concerning the working of salt.
B/BL/6/1/8 rent ledger for Burntisland Town Council properties including Rossend properties and housing rents for Council houses in Rossssend Gardens, Rossend Crecent and Dick Crescent
FC/ED/4/164 Paxton Nursery, Methil
A/ABG/5/20 Unmarked photograph of bearded man
A/AAK/21/24 Scanned copy of photograph of Mansefield and the Croft, Leslie including the Gas Works, nd and copy of photograph of the Croft, nd
FC/SS/2/1/27 Asset Plan Ordnance Survey Scale 1:2500
B/Cow/12 Cowdenbeath Municipal Bank
FC/EE/2/1/5 Local Plans
FC/SW/7 not allocated yet


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