Skeleton ring

Full Name: Skeleton ring

Object Name: Ring

Period: Post Medieval

Date: Late 16th century

General Location of Find: Culross, Fife

Description: Gold finger ring, with bezel in shape of human skeleton stretched out with arms over the head. Traces of white enamel on toes, pelvis, arms and neck. Translucent green enamel remains on rest of bezel. Rest of hoop is decorated with a frieze of alternating square and oval cartouches. Interior of hoop engraved 'COGITA MORI' (remember death).

Historical Background: The engraving inside the ring is one half of a popular motto 'Vivere disce, cogita mori', 'Learn to live; Remember death'. It is a reminder to the wearer to live a good life on earth as they will be judged in the next life. Although the ring has an austere message, it is also a high quality object made to be atttractive and fashionable. Discovered by a metal detectorist and acquired through Treasure Trove with assistance from the National Fund for Acquisitions, 2014.


Accession No: FIFER:2014.0692

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