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Welcome to OnFife's exciting artist residencies page!

Between January and March 2021, OnFife are supporting three, four-week-long residencies for artists who will be using their practices to reach out and inspire groups who, due to Covid-19, are facing additional barriers to accessing vital resources and opportunities for participation in creative projects. The project is funded by the 'Performing Arts Venue Relief Fund' supported by Creative Scotland with funding from Scottish Government, and OnFife warmly invites you to engage with our resident artists! Due to our venues being closed due to Covid-19, all activities will take place online so please join us from your phone, tablet or computer.

Our first resident artists was Kirkcaldy singer-songwriter David Latto, from Mon 11 January.

Watch his introduction video below now!

Watch David's first update video on his project!

Watch video update 2 from David below!

Video update 3 from David below!

David has performed at concerts and festivals across Europe including Celtic Connections. His lyrical and inventive songwriting is influenced by relationships, place and the inner landscape. His residency project involves creating four songs based on the experiences, stories and lives of four elderly community members in Fife. Each participant will be interviewed and David will write, record and produce a song inspired by the experience. The songs will be available to stream or download. In a time when isolation is a bigger problem than ever it is hoped that this project will help shine a light on the elderly community and perhaps reveal some interesting stories in song! Visit David's Instagram to keep up-to-date with the project, his website HERE and find out more about his goals, work and life HERE. David has now written 4 songs for the project so look out for those being released soon.

Our second resident artist is award-winning non-binary drag artist Jordy Deelight from Mon 8 Feb.

Watch Jordy's introductory video below!

"Picture that, you're 24...doing a will, a funeral plan" Pleas watch this insightful video from Jordy Deelight on life as a drag queen with cystic fibrosis.

Jordy is from Scotland and has worked professionally between the BBC and National Theatre of Scotland. Jordy's work has looked at physical and mental health in performance, creating informative work that explores different parts of personal using real experiences and auto theory. For this residency, Jordy will be working alongside producers Catriona Calchini and Alannah Watson digitally, with an LGBT+ focused group and shielding group in Fife, creating digital pieces of performance about the pandemic and how it impacted the lives of those in Fife. They will be launching "The Gratitude Initiative" exploring: what 2020 taught us and what we are grateful for in 2021, using gratitude journals as stimulus.

Jordy, along with producers Catriona Calchini and Alannah Watson, is particularly interested in working with LGBT+ groups and people who have been shielding during the pandemic. Jordy would like to interview participants and host digital workshops via Zoom for a few weeks during February giving Fife residents the chance to share their stories.

If you are interested in participating, please do email:

You can also visit Jordy's website, find more of Jordy's work HERE and visit Jordy's Facebook HERE.

Our third resident artist is Queer, Scottish, disabled interdisciplinary artist Eilidh Ellery from Mon 1 March.

In a world of Zoom performances and trying to pre - record videos in tight spaces, with limited resources, expressions of human emotion and connection have become more important than ever. A common issue faced by performers is not knowing how to effectively use their faces in dance... and when more and more performances are focused on how much of you can fit on a screen from your computer chair, this becomes even more apparent.

Due to the difficulties Eilidh has encountered trying to access safe, Inclusive and Ad aptive, Disability - centred dance classes within Fife, she aims to create a space which allows for Disabled adult dance, circus and performance artists to access classes that are fit for purpose and take their needs into account through a 4 - week workshop series to introduce dance in a safe and tailored way for disabled bodies. So many disabled dancers are excluded from classes which focus on dance as coming from limbs or “extensions”... Eilidh is interested in redefining what “dance” is and how we express movement, collectively. This project builds on, and brings into the digital performance realm, past work she has done with introducing “Face Dancing” and the performance of expression East Neuk Burlesque classes online; as well as an ongoing collaboration with photographer/film - maker Eric Robinson and composer/musician Emily Ippolito (paused due to Covid - 19). Phase 1 was displayed during the Scottish Portrait Awards 2019 National Touring Exhibition, and has a permanent home in the Scottish Art Club’s collection: the SP A Directory of Contemporary Scottish Portraiture.

You can visit Eilidh's Instagram HERE and read more about her previous work and future goals on her blogsite HERE.

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