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Group Booking

Group of friends in theatre seats

ON at Fife Theatres

A girl’s night out or a corporate bonding exercise?

Discounts are available on full-price tickets on many shows for groups of 10+. Get in contact with our box offices for further details on group bookings and gift vouchers.


We offer lower-priced concession tickets for many shows for anyone that is:

  • under 16, or a senior citizen
  • a student in full-time education
  • registered disabled
  • unemployed
  • carers with myfifeC+1

Ask at venues for more information.

Please bring any relevant documents, such as your student card, when you buy or collect your tickets. Failure to do so will result in non admittance.

Babe in Arms (under 2s)

Bring your baby with you (sitting on your knee) for FREE when attending films and many shows at our theatres.  Just select an adult & baby ticket when booking your performance so we register attendance and we can then support you in our venues.

Please note the tickets will only be available for suitable performances and will exclude shows programmed specifically for that age group.