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Miscellaneous records from City Chambers, Dunfermline (to be sorted and listed in more detail)


Box 1 Burgh of Culross minute book, 1/12/1959-4/07/1961, 1 volumeCity of Dunfermline minutes Town Council, Burgh Commissioners, Local authority and Gas Commissioners 1899-1900, 1913-14 and 1924-25 (unsigned copies) 3 volumesBurgh of Inverkeithing minute books (signed copy), 7 May 1971-25 April 1972 and 5 May 1972-24 April 1973, 2 volumesRegister of Burgh of Inverkeithing betting office licences and bookmakers permits and permits for amusements with prizes, 1964-1976, 1 documentBurgh of Cowdenbeath list of houses demolished or closed (gives the date of the order, the occupier’s name and address, owners name and address and date of closure or demolition) c. 1960-1973; and register of fit and unfit houses 1968-1970, 1 volumeBox 2Chartulary of the Burgh of Dunfermline 28 Oct 1878- 20 Sep 1915, 1 volumeChartulary of the Burgh of Culross, 28 September 1812-20 April 1921, 1 volumeByelaws for sale of coal, coke and wood fuel and personal weighing machines, 1 documentProgramme for opening ceremony of the McDonald’s Lands Development for the Scottish Special housing Association, 8 September 1970, 1 documentBurgh of Dunfermline Public Health (Scotland) act, 1897 regulations13 December 1897, 1 documentCity and Royal Burgh of Dunfermline Byelaw for the prevention of flooding 1962, 2 copiesA regional survey and Plan for Central and South East Scotland, by Sir Frank C. Mears, 1948, 1 volumeFolder containing bye-laws mainly for the City and Royal Burgh of Dunfermline and some for the Burgh of Cowdenbeath, the Burgh of Lochgelly, and one for Dunfermline District Council, 1893-1977, 1 file.Miscellaneous bye-laws and Dunfermline Town Clerk’s copy of Administrative methods booklets (about building contracts, forms control, organising typing etc), 1 bundle.Recommendations for the Organisation of the Fife Regional Authority volume 1, c.1974Box 3 39.83 acres of ground (part of Garvock Hill Fields, Dunfermline) acquired under the Community Land Act 1975 section 15 (this page was the only entry in a register of land holdings, the blank pages were destroyed)Betting and Gaming Act licences and betting office licences in Dunfermline district, 1961-1975, 1 volumeBurgh of Culross minute book (signed copy) 17 July 1961-4 December 1962, 1 volumeFife Regional Council Transport Policies and Programmes 1976-77 and 1977/78, 2 volumesCity and Royal Burgh of Dunfermline Survey report quinquennial review of the First Development Plan 1959, L Howarth Burgh architect and Planning OfficerThe Centenary of the Municipality of Waverley 1859-1959 (sent to Dunfermline as a thank you for the goodwill shown to Mrs M A Birrell a resident of Waverley who visited the UK in connection with her work for the Red Cross).Plan with title ‘Culross. Proposed extension of drainage’ includes Section of highway from Culross to Dunfermline and plan of proposed route of sewer pipes from F.C. manse to Fish Pond., 13 October 1905.HMSO booklet Scotland’s Listed Buildings a guide to their protection, c. 1978.Planning, Development and the Community Land Scheme by Geoffrey Parsons and Barry ReddingProposed extension to the Papermill, Inverkeithing 1927 [Layout plan showing areas extension will be built on]Part of Constitution of Headwell and Bellyeoman Community Council (the second page is missing) and map showing the streets in the area covered by the Community Council.Chartulary of the Burgh of Dunfermline vol 1, 7 Oct 1834-23 Feb 1926Chief Constable’s report 31 December 1983, 1 documentDunfermline District Council housing study, c.1976, 1 documentDunfermline Town Centre local Plan written statement April 1980, 1 documentSpecial report to Dunfermline Burgh Council 17 June 1974 on whether to give a loan to the firm of A Romanes and Son Ltd, Dunfermline (printers of the Dunfermline Press)Fife County Council byelaws for preventing waste contamination etc of water, 1954Search of Incumbrances over Highholm, Dunfermline, [1824-1990], 1 volumeAdministrative methods booklets 4 documentsInverkeithing Town Clerk’s file index 1964-1975Box 4Inverkeithing Burgh minute book (signed copy), 9 may 1958-16 April 1959, 1 volumeCity of Dunfermline minutes (not signed) 1928-29, 1 volumeBurgh of Cowdenbeath minute book (not signed), January -December 1939, 1 volumeBurgh of Inverkeithing roll of feu duties, 1910-1942, and found loose in front of book receipts for feu duties from James Morrison, Burntisland, 1830-51Chartulary of the burgh of Dunfermline vol 3 Feb 1914-April 1958, 1 volumeMinute book of Dunfermline War Memorial Committee, 8 May 1919-20 September 1926 and memo dated 22 November 1999 with a photocopy of an extract from the minutes of the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust March 1945, showing that the Trust owns the Bee alley Garden or Second World War Memorial Garden, 1 volumeCity of Dunfermline town council minutes 1912-13, 1 volumeGreat Seal (broken) that was attached to a crown charter of confirmation and resignation in favour of the Magistrates and Town Council of Dunfermline dated 15 July and registered 9 August 1824 [needs repair]Box 5Chartulary Burgh of Inverkeithing, 12 January 1863-c.1893, 1 volumeDunfermline Town centre local Plan report of survey, [1978], 1 volumeDunfermline Central area Planning strategy (draft) and appendix, 1970, 1 volumeDunfermline traffic Study Vol iii Traffic and Transport Plan 1975, 1 volumeDunfermline the City and Royal Burgh traffic study vol 1, 1967 and vol iv, 2 volumesDunfermline Traffic study vol ii forecast and plan 1986, 1 volumeNew uses for Older buildings in Scotland, HMso1981Dunfermline District Council 1984 housing Plan, 1 document Rehabilitation of derelict land report by GA Stenhouse Burgh Architect and town planning officer Dunfermline, 1 documentBrochure for Kingsgate Shopping Centre, Dunfermline, 1 documentRoyal Burgh of Dunfermline East Link Road, Final landscape design report, December 1973Dunfermline District North East Sector local plan written statement April 1981Dunfermline District Council housing study, 2 volumesTraffic management and road safety measures Aberdour Road and Brucefield housing areas, 1971, 1 documentFife NGL Plant Supporting document for planning application by Shell UK for plant to fractionate, refrigerate, store and ship natural gas liquids and products at Mossmorran and Braefoot Bay, Fife, 1977 Attachments 1 and 2, 2 volumesappraisal of tool machine industry in the UK, 1970, 1 documentFife Region steering committee, Dunfermline District Steering Committee Kirkcaldy District Steering Committee and North East Fife District Steering Committee overall programme of work 1974-5 and role of co-ordination team, 1974Cases on appeals under the Lands valuation acts determined by the Judges New Series 1956, (includes appeal by Dunfermline Town council over valuation of Martha Frew Children’s Home, and appeal by Mcdonald’s nurseries against County Council Box 6 Harriebrae Chartulary [1893-1955], and letters about ownership of 31 Buffie’s Brae, DunfermlineCity of Dunfermline minutes (unsigned), 1941-15, 1 volumeLochgelly Town Council minute book (signed copy), May 1971-April 1973, 1 volumeCity and Royal Burgh of Dunfermline Draft Deeds 1937-1941, 1 volumePoster about Burgh assessment 1920-21Betting and gaming act bookmakers permits, 1962-75, and betting office licences 1962-75Private acts and provisional orders affecting the city and royal burgh of Dunfermline, 1913-1954, 2 volumesMunicipal elections rules for inspection of documents, 1948, 3 documentsRegulations and conditions of service for Fire Brigade Staff, 1 documentRules for the management of West Fife infectious Diseases Combination Hospital, 1894Census 1971 Scotland County report Fife, 1 volumeCowdenbeath Town Council minutes, January – December 1938, 1 volumeUnbound minutes Lochgelly Town Council (signed copy), 4 may 1973-12 may 1975, 1 fileStored loose beside box 6File of byelaws, 1 fileDunfermline House letting register 1979/80 as at 2 April 1979 (address, tenant’s name, house type, rent and rates)

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Custodial History

The Law and Administration records management team were appraising records at City Chambers as part of the move to Fife House. These items were suggested for permanent preservation. They were appraised by the archivist and collected on 17 December 2007.

Start Date1824-01-01
End Date1999-01-01
Original Date Data1824-1999
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