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Legal papers relating to crimes against the lands of the Burgh of Kinghorn by the Wardlaws in demolishing an ancient dyke and building a new one which encroaches on other lands. 1743-1748


1 Memorandum to the Magistrates of Kinghorn in relation to Wardlaw of Abden’s encroachments. dated 16 June 17462 Interrogators for Robert Bruce, Land Labourer in Kinghorn regarding the march stones. nd3a Interrogators for William Demperston, John Hoggan and Robert Hamilton, Merchant and late Provost of Kinghorn regarding the march stones.nd3b Letter of Advocation Hamilton against the Wardlaws. dated 18 November, 17474 Interrogator for Thomas Bread, Preacher and Clerk is asked if he and the Minister’s wife, Mrs Marshall were thrown from a horse due to the alteration of the road at Myre. nd 5a Act of Contestation at Cupar Sheriff Court finds the Wardlaws guilty of laying march stones. dated 28 July, 1747 5b Interrogators for John Stocks, James White, Henry Reid and Alexander Gray are asked questions including ‘did they think the marchstones and the turnstyle could cause a hazard to persons carrying burdens. nd6 Interrogators for James and Peter Balfour, Wrights in Kinghorn relating to the demolition of the ancient dyke by the wardlaws. nd7 Interrogators for John McFarlane and Henry Moyes regarding the demolition of the dyke. nd8 Interrogators for Robert Morton asks him if he knows that the Wardlaws demolished the dyke and built a new one which encroached on other lands. nd9 Interrogators for John Birrell, John Currie and John Heggie nd10 Interrogators for John Craig, Shipmaster. nd11 Interrogators for David Gilchrist. nd12 Interrogators for Robert Ingles and James Wardlaw asks them “Do not you know that there was a fair dry plate of grass ground from below Birrells Wynd betwixt the Lady Burn the march foresaid as it run by the foot of the rock and the barns and barnsyard dyke of Wester Abden down to Wester Abden house and stable and was not the same often used as a bleaching green for webbs and linnen cloathers and how broad and how long might the said space have been”. nd13 Interrogators for Andrew Stevenson. nd14a Copy Minutes James Hall against the Provost and Magistrates of Rutherglen relating to marchstones being placed around the land known as the Gallows. dated 6 December, 174414b Interrogators for Francis Goodall and David Martin, Masons15a Interrogators for Thomas and Bob Baxter, Alexander Tosh and John Lindsay, Fishers15b Memorial for Provost Hamilton of Kinghorn against the Wardlaws of Abden. dated 7 February, 174316a Interrogators for Alexander Shank relating to the demolition of an ancient dyke. nd 16b State of the Facts in the process of Advocation Wardlaws of Abden against Provost Hamilton of Kinghorn 174817 Interrogators for James Philp, Mason, witness to the demolition of the old march dyke and building by Wardlaws of Abden on 22 October, 1743 18 Interrogators for David Dunbar, witness to the demolition of the old march dyke and building by the Wardlaws of Abden on 22 October, 1743 19 Interrogators for David Hird, Writer in Kinghorn regarding the protest he made on 27 October, 1743 against the Warlaws demolishing the old dyke and building a new one. 20 Interrogarors for the witnesses into the removal of the stones that formed the march between the town and Abden at the Myres. nd 21 Minutes Wardlaw of Abden against Robert Hamilton, Provost of Kinghorn. 174722 Memorandum to Magistrates of Kinghorn in relation to Wardlaw of Abden’s encroachment. dated 16 June, 174623 Particular Note of the Charter of the Lands of Easter Abden produced by Willam Wardlaw. 174824 Act & Commission the Magistrates and Robert Hamilton against William Wardlaw elder and William Wardlaw younger relating to the removal of stones. dated 16 February, 174825 Copy Innerhouse Interlocutor Town of Rutherglen against James Hall found him liable for the removal of the stones and ordered him to pay the Magistrates expences of thirty pounds sterling. dated 12 June 174726 Instrument the Town of Kinghorn and Robert Hamilton against William Wardlaws Elder and Younger. 174827 Scroll of interrogators and amendments in relation to the witnesses. nd28 Representation of the Magistrates of Kinghorn and Robert Hamilton to the Right Honourable the Lord Minto stating that William Wardlaw has not produced deeds for the land and that the Charter is all that has been seen . dated 24 February, 174829 List of Witnesses in alphabetical order. dated 25 May, 174830 Memorandum for the Magistrates in relation to executing the Act & Commission with Abden. dated 174831 Interrogators for John Forister, Weaver, Alexander Greig, Weaver, William Brown, Land Labourer and Robert Bruce of Grange Myre, late Provost of Kinghorn. nd32 Copy of the Decree & Arbitral between the Town Council and the proprietors of Craigincat. 161433 Sederunt of the Town Council on visiting the Marches. dated 25 May, 174734 Inventory of Writings sent by Willam Gairden to Provost Hamilton on 25 May, 174835 Copy of the Lybelled summons of Molestation and Intrusion of the Lairds of Abden against Provost Hamilton. 174736 Extract of the Act of Litis Contestation Wardlaws and Hamilton. dated 19 December, 174737 Instrument of Protest by Robert Hamiton against the Wardlaws of Abden. dated 22 October, 174338 Instrument of Interuption the Town of Kinghorn against the Wardlaws of Abden. 27 October, 174339 Instrument of Protest and Interuption by Robert Hamilton against the Wardlaws of Abden. dated 8 December, 1743

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