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Reference No:A/AOQ/5/1/23
Title:Interview with Li Ping Liang (Shelly) April 24th 2007
Extent:1 compact disk
Description: Total Time 11.021. Interview with Li Ping Liang (Shelly) April 24th 2007 11:02MP.SNL2009Shelly was born in the southern Chinese city of Jonsang, which is only half an hour away from Hong Kong by boat.(01min 40) Her father spent £10,000 on a quantity of red tea and will store and age it for 10-20 years as this will improve the flavour and increase the value of it.(04 mins) The Chinese method of brewing a cup of tea is to put the tea leaves in a small tea-pot, add boiling water then immediately empty the water- this is to wash any dirt or dust away, then add more boiling water and is now ready to drink or brew, according to taste!(06 mins) The Chinese believe that tea aids digestion and drink it before and after each meal, using miniature cups and teapots.(08 mins). Some elderly Chinese take their own tea-pots everywhere and use them as cups.Total running time 11 minutes
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