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Wild World Heroes: Endangered Animal Spotlight

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Each week, starting Monday 5th July, you’ll be able to pick up your weekly challenge from your local library or online at OnFife Virtual LibrarYAY!

Log your completed challenges with Children’s University Scotland on their ASPIRE website to be in with a chance to win signed copies of Anne Miller’s Charley and the Animal Spies series! (If you haven’t signed up to Children’s University Scotland yet, click here!)

5th July – Spotlight Animal of the Week: Orangatan

Well done for tackling our spiral code challenge. I know by now you’ll have worked out that our spotlight animal is the orangutan. This great video from environmental action group Greenpeace will tell you about the threat to their habitat and how you can help.

12th July – Spotlight Animal of the Week: Tiger

Well done if you managed to complete our tricky challenge this week and work out that our spotlight animal is the tiger.  Did you know that we have tigers here in Scotland? Watch this weeks video to see the cutest little tiger cubes with their mum at the Highland Wildlife Park near Aviemore… Why not plan a visit?

19th July – Spotlight Animal of the Week: Turtle!

This week our spotlight animal is the turtle.  Turtles are under threat for many different reasons.  Their numbers are falling so fewer pairs are breeding.  Sea turtles are often killed or injured by eating plastic floating in the ocean or by fishing nets and hooks. Speedboat propellers can cause terrible injuries too. Watch Lucie, the rescued loggerhead turtle being released back into the ocean after being nursed back to health in Florida.

26th July – Spotlight Animal of the Week: Frog!

In your challenge this week you transformed one word to another in our word ladder and found out that our spotlight animal was a frog. Now watch this astounding video to see how a frog transforms from a tiny egg to a fully grown frog!

2nd August – Spotlight Animal of the Week: Vaquita

Having worked out our reverse alphabet challenge you will know that this week our spotlight animal is a tiny porpoise called the Vaquita. It is so endangered that scientists think there may be only 15 left in the wild. Watch this great video to find out all about them

9nd August – Spotlight Animal of the Week: Elephant

Well done for completing the challenge this week. Our spotlight animal is the elephant and while not every species of elephant is endangered, many are not treated well by people and often need to be rescued. Animal sanctuaries like this one are vital if young elephants are going to survive and thrive. Enjoy this video where you’ll learn lots about Haven the baby elephant.