Love Eternal (french)


Wed 28th Feb 2018

Dates and times


115 minutes

Adam Smith Theatre

01592 583302


Directed by Jean Delannoy

Starring: Jean Marais, Madeleine Solonge, Jean Murat

1943 | 115’ | B&W | OV French | French classic | DCP

Film restored in 2008

A dramatic update of the Tristan and Isolde legend, scripted by Jean Cocteau, under the watchful eye of Nazi censorship. The legend is beautifully captured by the marvelously photogenic star-crossed lovers, with Tristan modernised by Jean Marais and Isolde by Madeleine Solonge. Set in an ancient castle overlooking the sea, the film has a timeless dreamlike quality which perfectly suits the myth.

Dialogues and story by Jean Cocteau

L'Éternel retour

L'Éternel retour Bande-annonce VF

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Locations & Times

Adam Smith Theatre

Wednesday 28th Feb 11:00 16:00 19:30
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