Ley Lines | Kate Scardifield


Sat 2nd Dec to Sat 19th Jan 2019

Dates and times

St Andrews Museum

01334 659380

Celebrating converse, parallel histories, within an exploration of under-researched areas of Scotland and Australia’s social and cultural history, the exhibition and its public programme will offer new insights into Scotland’s local museum collections.
Curated by Glasgow-based Panel as part of a wider partnership with Fife Contemporary, Heriot Watt University, Live Borders, West Kilbride (Maggie Broadley) and Falkirk Community Trust.

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Locations & Times

North East Fife

St Andrews Museum

Saturday 2nd Dec 10:30
Wednesday 6th Dec 10:30
Thursday 7th Dec 10:30
Friday 8th Dec 10:30
Saturday 9th Dec 10:30
Wednesday 13th Dec 10:30
Thursday 14th Dec 10:30
Friday 15th Dec 10:30
Saturday 16th Dec 10:30
Wednesday 20th Dec 10:30
Thursday 21st Dec 10:30
Friday 22nd Dec 10:30
Saturday 23rd Dec 10:30
Thursday 4th Jan 10:30
Friday 5th Jan 10:30
Saturday 6th Jan 10:30
Wednesday 10th Jan 10:30
Thursday 11th Jan 10:30
Friday 12th Jan 10:30
Saturday 13th Jan 10:30
Wednesday 17th Jan 10:30
Thursday 18th Jan 10:30
Friday 19th Jan 10:30
Saturday 20th Jan 10:30
Wednesday 24th Jan 10:30
Thursday 25th Jan 10:30
Friday 26th Jan 10:30
Saturday 27th Jan 10:30
Wednesday 31st Jan 10:30
Thursday 1st Feb 10:30
Friday 2nd Feb 10:30
Saturday 3rd Feb 10:30
Wednesday 7th Feb 10:30
Thursday 8th Feb 10:30
Friday 9th Feb 10:30
Saturday 10th Feb 10:30
Wednesday 14th Feb 10:30
Thursday 15th Feb 10:30
Friday 16th Feb 10:30
Saturday 17th Feb 10:30
Wednesday 21st Feb 10:30
Thursday 22nd Feb 10:30
Friday 23rd Feb 10:30
Saturday 24th Feb 10:30
Wednesday 28th Feb 10:30
Thursday 1st Mar 10:30
Friday 2nd Mar 10:30
Saturday 3rd Mar 10:30

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