James Yorkston Presents: Tae Sup Wi' A Fifer - Carl Stone/ Thomas Mccarthy/Pictish Trail


Sat 14th Jul 2018


£15.00 + £1 Reservation Fee

2 hours

Adam Smith Theatre

01592 583302

About Carl Stone:

“One of American experimental music’s most eloquent advocates” - Time Out New York

"One of the foremost electroacoustic composers of the last decades" - Massimo Ricci

"Stone’s Electronic Music from the Seventies and Eighties is a missing link, not only in the history of avant-garde and electronic music, but within the entire body of arranged sound (popular or otherwise)." - Bradford Bailey

About Pictish Trail:

The Pictish Trail’s eloquent songs are as wildly varied as his selection of brightly coloured bobble hats and have seen him get mentioned in the same breath as his heroes Beck, The Beta Band and Hot Chip.

Following ten successful years running Fife’s infamous Fence Records, Lynch moved on to pastures new and founded Scotland’s most exciting new label Lost Map Records.

With two albums, numerous mini-albums, EPs, and singles under his belt as The Pictish Trail, Lynch has also moonlighted as one half of demented dance-pop duo Silver Columns with Adem (Fridge) for their 2010 album Yes and Dance.

About Thomas McCarthy:

Thomas McCarthy comes from Birr in County Offaly in Ireland. His family are the McCarthys who settled there generations ago. He is an Irish Traveller and comes from a long line of old traditional singers and musicians who kept the tradition of singing strong.

“I sing wherever I’m invited, at clubs, festivals, people’s houses, weddings, funerals, christenings, at home, down the road and over the sea. I have sung all over the UK and Europe.” – Thomas McCarthy

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