Jack And The Beanstalk: Panto


Sat 7th Dec to Sat 4th Jan 2020

Dates and times

Tickets from £13 + £1 Reservation Fee

2½ hours

Adam Smith Theatre

01592 583302

Head into the clouds with our magical festive pantomime, Jack and The Beanstalk.

When Jack and his mother decided to sell the family cow, he is approached by a mysterious stranger who trades the cow for some magical beans which grow into a new world of possibilities…

Make sure you’re booked to discover geese, giants and golden eggs in the comfort of one of Scotland’s oldest theatres.

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Locations & Times

Adam Smith Theatre

Saturday 7th Dec 14:00 19:00
Sunday 8th Dec 13:00 17:00
Wednesday 11th Dec 19:00
Thursday 12th Dec 19:00
Friday 13th Dec 19:00
Saturday 14th Dec 14:00 19:00
Sunday 15th Dec 13:00 17:00
Wednesday 18th Dec 19:00
Thursday 19th Dec 19:00
Friday 20th Dec 14:00 19:00
Saturday 21st Dec 14:00 19:00
Sunday 22nd Dec 13:00 17:00
Monday 23rd Dec 14:00 19:00
Tuesday 24th Dec 14:00 19:00
Thursday 26th Dec 14:00
Friday 27th Dec 14:00 19:00
Saturday 28th Dec 14:00 19:00
Sunday 29th Dec 13:00 17:00
Monday 30th Dec 14:00 19:00
Thursday 2nd Jan 14:00 19:00
Friday 3rd Jan 11:00 19:00
Saturday 4th Jan 14:00 19:00
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