Gillebride Macmillan Gaelic Singer (gwyllyn The Bard In Starz Outlander): Adam Smith


Sat 30th Jun 2018


£10.00 + £1 Reservation Fee

2 hours

Adam Smith Theatre

01592 583302

Gillebride MacMillan is one of the most sought after modern Scottish Gaelic singers. A native Scottish Gaelic speaker from the Outer Hebrides, Gillebrìde is a regular performer at some of the most prestigious Celtic music festivals throughout the world. He also stars as ‘Gwyllyn the Bard’ in the Sony Starz TV adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander. As Gwyllyn, he regales those in Castle Leoch with traditional Gaelic songs and tales. MacMillan’s role as the Bard has been widely acclaimed for it’s subtelty, authenticity and musicality. Outlander has been a huge ratings success and the dedicated followers of the books and the TV series have been fulsome in their praise of MacMillan’s portrayal of the medieval bard. He released his new album of self-penned songs, ‘Freumhan-Falaichte – Hidden Roots’ in early 2018. He has also released two critically acclaimed CDs, Thogainn Ort Fonn (I’d Sing You a song) and Air Fòrladh (On Leave) – both these are available in hard copy or by digital download. He has also recorded songs on other CDs, notably Mary Ann Kennedy & Na Seòid and Tilleadh Dhachaidh by Ethel McCallum. Gillebrìde is also an accomplished song researcher and expert and in 2013 he produced a CD of traditional songs from his native South Uist.

One reviewer described MacMillan as having “a voice that wine writers would love to set their vocabularies loose on – mahogany richness with hints of sea salt, perhaps – and he has a way of singing in Gaelic that conveys the gist and tone of a song by subtle inflection.”

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