The Dictator's Guns (french)


Wed 28th Mar 2018

Dates and times


97 minutes

Adam Smith Theatre

01592 583302


Directed by Claude Sautet

Starring: Lino Ventura, Sylvia Koscina, Leo Gordon

1967 | 97’ | B&W | OV French | Crime, Drama | DCP

Film restored in 2011

Jacques Cournot, a freelance skipper in Saint Domingo, is hired by Mr Hendrix to purchase a sailboat: the Dragoon. Jacques negotiates the sale with Mrs Osborne, the owner of the boat. Barely a couple of days later Cournot finds himself questioned by the police as the Dragoon has disappeared and so has Mr Hendrix.

Music by Michel Colombier & Eddie Barclay

L'Arme à gauche

L'Arme à gauche Bande-annonce (2) VF

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Locations & Times

Adam Smith Theatre

Wednesday 28th Mar 11:00 16:00 19:30
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