A Brush with Colour: 20th century Paintings from the Edinburgh School


Sat 17th Jun to Sat 23rd Jun 2018

Dates and times


St Andrews Museum

01334 659380

Following on from the great success of last summer’s Glasgow Boys exhibition, this year the focus moves from west to east, with an exhibition of work by artists collectively known as the Edinburgh School. The exhibition will look at both the work of the inter-war generation of artists trained at Edinburgh School of Art, and the next generation, who were heavily influenced - and taught - by them.

The exhibition features oils and watercolours by a number of well-known artists, including William Gillies, Anne Redpath, John Houston, Robin Philipson and Elizabeth Blackadder.  Look out for details of associated events and activities for both adults and children.

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Locations & Times

North East Fife

St Andrews Museum

Saturday 17th Jun 10:30
Monday 19th Jun 10:30
Tuesday 20th Jun 10:30
Wednesday 21st Jun 10:30
Thursday 22nd Jun 10:30
Friday 23rd Jun 10:30
Saturday 24th Jun 10:30
Monday 26th Jun 10:30
Tuesday 27th Jun 10:30
Wednesday 28th Jun 10:30
Thursday 29th Jun 10:30
Friday 30th Jun 10:30
Saturday 1st Jul 10:30
Monday 3rd Jul 10:30
Tuesday 4th Jul 10:30
Wednesday 5th Jul 10:30
Thursday 6th Jul 10:30
Friday 7th Jul 10:30
Saturday 8th Jul 10:30
Monday 10th Jul 10:30
Tuesday 11th Jul 10:30
Wednesday 12th Jul 10:30
Thursday 13th Jul 10:30
Friday 14th Jul 10:30
Saturday 15th Jul 10:30
Monday 17th Jul 10:30
Tuesday 18th Jul 10:30
Wednesday 19th Jul 10:30
Thursday 20th Jul 10:30
Friday 21st Jul 10:30
Saturday 22nd Jul 10:30
Monday 24th Jul 10:30
Tuesday 25th Jul 10:30
Wednesday 26th Jul 10:30
Thursday 27th Jul 10:30
Friday 28th Jul 10:30
Saturday 29th Jul 10:30
Monday 31st Jul 10:30
Tuesday 1st Aug 10:30
Wednesday 2nd Aug 10:30
Thursday 3rd Aug 10:30
Friday 4th Aug 10:30
Saturday 5th Aug 10:30
Monday 7th Aug 10:30
Tuesday 8th Aug 10:30
Wednesday 9th Aug 10:30
Thursday 10th Aug 10:30
Friday 11th Aug 10:30
Saturday 12th Aug 10:30
Monday 14th Aug 10:30
Tuesday 15th Aug 10:30
Wednesday 16th Aug 10:30
Thursday 17th Aug 10:30
Friday 18th Aug 10:30
Saturday 19th Aug 10:30
Monday 21st Aug 10:30
Tuesday 22nd Aug 10:30
Wednesday 23rd Aug 10:30
Thursday 24th Aug 10:30
Friday 25th Aug 10:30
Saturday 26th Aug 10:30
Monday 28th Aug 10:30
Tuesday 29th Aug 10:30
Wednesday 30th Aug 10:30
Thursday 31st Aug 10:30
Friday 1st Sep 10:30
Saturday 2nd Sep 10:30
Monday 4th Sep 10:30
Tuesday 5th Sep 10:30
Wednesday 6th Sep 10:30
Thursday 7th Sep 10:30
Friday 8th Sep 10:30
Saturday 9th Sep 10:30
Monday 11th Sep 10:30
Tuesday 12th Sep 10:30
Wednesday 13th Sep 10:30
Thursday 14th Sep 10:30
Friday 15th Sep 10:30
Saturday 16th Sep 10:30
Monday 18th Sep 10:30
Tuesday 19th Sep 10:30
Wednesday 20th Sep 10:30
Thursday 21st Sep 10:30
Friday 22nd Sep 10:30
Saturday 23rd Sep 10:30
Monday 25th Sep 10:30
Tuesday 26th Sep 10:30
Wednesday 27th Sep 10:30
Thursday 28th Sep 10:30
Friday 29th Sep 10:30
Saturday 30th Sep 10:30
Wednesday 4th Oct 10:30
Thursday 5th Oct 10:30
Friday 6th Oct 10:30
Saturday 7th Oct 10:30
Wednesday 11th Oct 10:30
Thursday 12th Oct 10:30
Friday 13th Oct 10:30
Saturday 14th Oct 10:30
Wednesday 18th Oct 10:30
Thursday 19th Oct 10:30
Friday 20th Oct 10:30
Saturday 21st Oct 10:30
Wednesday 25th Oct 10:30
Thursday 26th Oct 10:30
Friday 27th Oct 10:30
Saturday 28th Oct 10:30
Wednesday 1st Nov 10:30
Thursday 2nd Nov 10:30
Friday 3rd Nov 10:30
Saturday 4th Nov 10:30

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