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War – WW2 – First Aid Box

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This WW2 first aid box came from the Red Cross Depot in Rosyth, and would have undoubtedly at some time been handled by Richard Bowman, the Commandant of the Rosyth 39 Branch.

Richard, known as “Dick”, was a member of the Red Cross Society when war broke out. In July 1940 he was asked to be full time Officer in Charge of the First Aid Depot in Rosyth until he was called up to the Armed Forces. He passed his medical test for the Royal Air Force but before receiving his call up papers was automatically reserved to the First Aid Party service.

He was sent on various training courses around the country and qualified to teach Air Raid Precautions including anti-gas and control of incendiary bombs. Dick also excelled at fundraising. His Red Cross Branch donated thoughtful gifts of toys, materials, blankets and first aid supplies to local hospitals and the Mobile Field Battery based at Kings Road School, Rosyth.

After the war he ran a dance band, played the trumpet, and worked for the Dunfermline Co-operative Society until he retired in 1974.