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Carnegie Hall Technical Information

Technical requirements must be submitted four weeks in advance of any production or rehearsal. Please contact the technical department to discuss matters further.  This specification is intended as a guide and not all information shown can always be guaranteed accurate.  Most loose items in this list are from a central pool stock and may at times be unavailable.  All incoming mains equipment must be tested for electrical safety.  Any scenery brought into the theatre must be fire retardant or have been treated accordingly.


Proscenium arch with stalls and balcony. The seating is individual tip up chairs with arms.

Seating Capacity 500
Mix Position Sound mix position is in the Auditorium. Some seats have been removed to accommodate this.
Hearing Loop An induction loop is installed requiring the user to switch to the T position. This cannot be turned off for any performance.

For Box Office 01383 602302. Non technical 03451 55 55 55 EXT 473453 

Notes No equipment can be put in the walkways or fire exits for any performance. Sections of the apron can be removed or wings can be provided for PA systems.
Floor Raked wood floor covered in 6mm hardboard painted black. 1 in 48 rake.


The stage is a black box using the following masking: 3 sets of black tabs, 6 black legs, 3 black boarders

FOH Tabs

Hung on tab track and electrically operated. Approx 2.7m from front of stage behind pros arch.

Starcloth Fibre-optic, Permanently hung at rear of stage. NB – no access behind starcloth. 
Prompt Stage left with paging to dressing rooms, colour monitor with view of stage and FOH tabs operation.
Intercom Tecpro system located on stage, grid, control room, FOH sound position and follow spots.

Stage Power

100 Amp TPN with 4 connections - 1 63 TPN cee-form & 3 63 SPN cee-form

1 32 SPN cee-form (Normally used for sound)

6 13 amp sockets for sound power

6 13 amp sockets for general purpose

All power is located at prompt corner stage left

Stage Dimentions 

Proscenium height

Proscenium width

Height of u/side of fixed pelmet         

Maximum stage width

Maximum stage depth


Grid level (at pros arch)         






1 in 48


Get In

Scene dock external door height       

Scene dock external door width        

Threshold above ground        





The theatre does not have a fly tower

Length of flying bars



Flying  Bars: All dimensions are from the rear of the pros arch. 

 LX bar 1 SWL 500kg

Winch bar 1 SWL 300kg

Hemp bar 1 SWL 100kg

Winch Bar 2 SWL 300kg

Hemp bar 2 SWL 100kg

LX bar 2 SWL 500kg

Hemp bar 3 SWL 100kg

Winch bar 3 SWL 300kg

LX bar 3 SWL 500kg

Hemp bar 4 SWL 100kg

Winch bar 4 SWL 300kg

Hemp bar 5 SWL 100kg

Hemp bar 6 SWL100kg

LX bar 4 SWL 500kg

Hemp bar 7 SWL 100kg

Hemp bar 8 SWL 100kg

Hemp bar 9 SWL 100kg




















FOH Booms

6 vertical bars, 3 per side

Position 1 from front of stage

Position 2 from front of stage

Position 3 From front of stage





FOH Truss

Central in auditorium from front of stage


Access Equipment 

Tallescope for on stage. Genie vertical lift for FOH. Various ladders.

Orchestra Pit

Forestage needs to be removed to reveal orchestra pit.  This accommodates approximately 10 people.

If required, the front 3 rows of seats can be removed if a bigger orchestra area is needed.

Please contact 4 weeks in advance if required.

Music Stands

Limited music stands in stock. Please contact us with your requirements.


Yamaha C4 grand piano (Located on stage level). Please advise in advance if it is required and tuning requirements.


6 Sico 2.400m x 1.200m / 300mm or 600mm high.

4 Sico 2.400m x 1.200m / 600mm or 900mm high.

2 sets of treads 600mm high.

Seating  72 bentwood chairs 


Get in door area can accommodate most heavy goods vehicles. Please do not park in front of stage door or area leading up to it. Car and van parking can be found to the rear of the theatre. NB – please see caretaker or technician before exiting the carpark as you will need a token for the barrier.
Notes The theatre does not provide props/working lamps or carpet runs.
Location Underneath stage with stage access on stage left & right through scene docks. NB – no disabled access to dressing rooms. 
Dressing Rooms

2 large chorus

2 principal

All rooms have sinks, showers, mirrors, 13 amp power, show relay, colour monitors and can be locked. Keys can be provided on request. Wi-Fi available.


Under stage via the dressing rooms. A stage cross over can be created using upstage black tabs or cyclorama but is in front of LX bar 4. Please advise in advance if this is required.


Washing machine and tumble dryer available. Can be used on request. Kettle, microwave, toaster and fridge available backstage.


ETC Ion. Located in control room at rear of stalls

Dimmers 108 Dimmable channels 
DMX Patch points can be found at FOH, on stage and at grid level
Follow Spots

2 Robert Juliet Margot 2.5KW. Located at rear of balcony.


12 Source 4 15/30 

14 Source 4 Junior 25/50

12 Strand Cantata Fresnel.

30 Parcan with CP62

Limited Iris’ in stock

Gel stock The theatre carries a limited gel stock. We cannot provide for specific colour calls. Please contact in advance with any gel requirements.
Moving Lights

2 Giotto 400 Spot.

2 Martin 250 Krypton.

4 Martin Mac 550. 

House Lights Controlled by a single fader located in control room. NB – house lights cannot be operated outside the control room.

La Maitre 16 inch mirror ball with 5 rpm rotator.

Unique haze machine.

Le Maitre 6 way pyrotechnic system.

Limited cabling and pods in stock.

The theatre does not keep pyrotechnics in stock. Please contact us in advance with your requirements. 

Notes All equipment on this list is from a central pool stock and may at times be unavailable. Please note the theatre does not have any rigging for providing side lighting.


Console DigiCo SD9.
Position Situated in Auditorium. 
FOH System

4 Meyer Sound UPJ-1p loudspeaker

3 Meyer Sound MM-4 compact loudspeaker

2 Meyer Sound USW-1p subwoofer

Monitors & Amplifiers

8 Turbo Sound TFM 212 stage monitor. 3 QSC Amplifiers.


In built on Digico SD9.

Effect & Playback

Effects in built on DigiCo SD9.
Multicore DigiCo D Rack 32 input – 16 output 

6 Shure SM 58

5 Shure SM 57

4 AKG CK91  

3 Shure PG 56           

1 Shure 52A Beta

3 Sennheiser e604

4 AKG CK91

3 Crown PCC

5 Behringer Ultra DI

6 LD Systems LD/02 Active DI boxes

1 BSS active DI boxes

3 EMO passive DI boxes

11 instrument mic stands

17 boom mic stands

Licence The theatre is licensed for the following frequencies VHF 606.500 to 621.000 MHz and cannot provide for frequencies out with this range. 


The system can be patched to suit requirements of most performances. All items in this list are from a central pool stock and may at times be unavailable. The theatre does not have points for flying PA but can provide wings that can be put in for ground stacking, sections of the apron can also be removed.
Front Of House  
General Before any performance may commence, front of house clearance must be received by the visiting stage manager. Ordinarily this will be given by the Front of house manager to the theatre technician who will then pass this on to the visiting stage manager. Front of house clearance is also required before a performance may continue after an interval has taken place.
Merchandise & Foyer Display Any requests for space and tables must be approved by the duty FOH manager. While all attempts will be made to accommodate reasonable areas, there is limited foyer space. Please advise four weeks in advance if a member of staff is required to sell merchandise. 
Box Office The theatre box office is staffed 10am – 5pm Mon – Fri and 9am – 1pm Saturdays (8pm on show nights) as well as from one hour before each performance. Tel – 01383 602302.


Fully detailed specification sheets including full technical inventory and CAD type files of the lighting grid arrangements are available on request. Please contact:

Carly Barr or Andy Lightfoot or                      

03451 55 55 55

 EXT 442468 / EXT400329

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