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Using Public Library Online


You can use Public Library Online on a computer,  laptop, tablet and some internet enabled moblie phones.  To view Public Library Online a mobile phone it must have Flash 8.0 or above installed.  To use this service on an iPhone, iPad or similar device please download Puffin Browser.  More information about Puffin Browser can be found by clicking here.   This service cannot be used on an eBook Reader of a Kindle.



To log on simply enter your library card number

Once logged in you will be presented with a welcome screen and where you can choose from a selection of digital shelves.  Click on the shelf title you would like to view.  Use the left and right arrows to scroll along all available titles on each shelf.



Once on the bookshelf of your choice you can read more about the books on that shelf and access extra free resources such as author websites.

Click on a book jacket or 'read more' to get more information on a title.

Click on the FLASH or HTML button depending on whether you are reading on a PC or Tablet/Smartphone.

Read the blurb and click links to access lots of free resources including reading group guides, author interviews, videos, websites and reviews.



Once in the book of your choice, you can go straight to any page in the book (1), page through the book (2) and move forward and backward in the book (3).

Zoom in or out of the page using the magnifyer. (4)

View all thumbnails, double page spreads, single pages or large double pages. (5)

You can also move straight to a  chapter (6) or search the whole book (or all the books on the shelf) to find any word you like. (7)



To view the book in full screen, click the full screen button (1) and select 'fit to width' .(2)

Click the arrow (3) to hide the navigation column.


Ready to start?  Click here to be taken to the Public Library Online login page