Townhill Library

TOWNHILL LIBRARY is now closed.

Your nearest alternative libraries are

DULOCH LIBRARY                                      MAYGATE LIBRARY

Nightingale Place                                             13-15 Maygate

Dunfermline                                                      Dunfermline

KY11 8LW                                                          KY12 7NE

Tel: (01383) 602208                                          Tel (01383) 602365


Free public access PCs are also available at the City Chambers and Music Institute, beside the Carnegie Hall.

From Friday 7th April, the Mobile Library will visit fortnightly as follows:

11.10am-12.10pm Main Street, Townhill

Readers who find it difficult to use other libraries or the Mobile Library may be interested in the Home Delivery Service.  This is a tailored book lending service for people who are unable to access library buildings or mobile libraries. For further information about the Home Delivery Service, please call 01592 583204.

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