Thomas Williamson, Coal Carver

Title: Thomas Williamson, Coal Carver

Description: Thomas Williamson, coal carver, posing next to a balustrade in dark jacket and light trousers with pill box style hat

Object Name: Photograph

Photographer: Turnbull Photographer

Associations: Thomas Williamson

Historical Background: Donated by one of his descendants, this is the only photograph we have of Thomas Williamson. A stonemason from East Wemyss, Williamson worked under the patronage of the Wemyss family to produce a variety of items using parrot coal. Found locally, this unusual material has a marble like quality. A table carved by Williamson was exhibited at the Great Exhibition in London in 1851. You can see a beautiful chair by him, from a set of table, two chairs and a mirror, on show in Kirkcaldy Galleries.

Accession No: FIFER:2015.0010

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