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Think Innovation

The pilot phase of the Think Innovation project has now been completed and an evaluation report is now available.

A video evaluation of the programme of activities is also available to view at www.creatinfife.co.uk along with a series of case studies featuring businesses and practitioners working in the sector in Fife.

Think Innovation is a cross-sector piece of work designed to nurture creativity, innovation and enterprise in Fife by providing support to emerging creative talent and developing an environment where innovation and success in cultural enterprise are possible.  The programme of activities during the pilot phase of the project has included:

  • Community and school workshops (Fife College)
  • The Headstart summer school (Fife Contemporary Art & Craft)
  • ACES (Access to Creative Education Scotland) activities delivered in eligible Fife Secondary schools
  • Culture of Enterprise Activities in schools (Fife Council Economic Development)
  • An internship programme at Fife Cultural Trust

Think Innovation activities will continue in 2014-15 with continued involvement from all of the partners.
The Opportunities Grant and ‘First and Next Steps’ support programmes for Craft and Visual Artists in Fife are be delivered as part of the Think Innovation Programme. In partnership with Creative Scotland and Fife Council, Fife Cultural Trust and Fife Contemporary Art & Craft are managing these new funding and support schemes.

The ‘Opportunities’ Grant is available to artists living or based in Fife to support projects with grants of up to £750 available.  The scheme is also supporting three artists, over a 12 month period, with the ‘Next Steps’ and ‘First Steps’ programmes.  These tailored support programmes will focus on personal, professional and creative development for the craft and visual artists and will include 1-1 mentoring.  The bespoke programme is also likely to feature funding for research and travel, skills development and the creation of new work.  One craft artist and one visual artist as well as one emerging artist will take part in the programme in this initial year.

For further information please visit the Fife Craft & Contemporary Arts (FCAC) website.

Access useful information, resources and toolkits on the Create in Fife website which also features a directory of Fife based creative practitioners and businesses.