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Dunfermline folk know how to have fun. From skiffle bands in the 50s to rock stars in the 70s, Dunfermline has nurtured top musical talent. As well as our famous football club, the town has also fostered Commonwealth and Olympic athletes. Local people share happy memories of gala days, hobbies, music and nights out.

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Dan and Pete were both born and brought up in Dunfermline and went on to form the world famous rock band: Nazareth.  Their interview charts their early music career, starting from St. Margaret's Primary School; then setting up a band called "The Shadettes", which played at the Kinema Ballroom.  Click here to listen to some short clips from their interview.

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The Dunfermline Gala is a true institution.  It has been a very popular topic during our oral history interviews.  We've gathered memories of bands, clothing, food, games and the famous Gala day parade – all ending up in Pittencrieff Park.  Click here to hear a selection of interviewee's stories.