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Speaking Of…Home Life

Dunfermline and the surrounding area have changed vastly since the end of the First World War. The end of the weaving industry and a turbulent period for coal mining have had a knock-on effect on domestic life, whilst the town has experienced rapid development since the 1950s. A programme of house building continues today in its eastern expansion. In the museum we look at how our homes have changed over the 20th century. Here, local residents tell us about their home lives.

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Viv grew up in Rosyth and watched the hill in front of her house on Admiralty Road get blasted away in advance of the Forth Road Bridge being built.  Viv has clear memories of her different homes and her Saturday job at the Co-op in Rosyth.  Click here to hear some of Viv's stories.

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Fiona recounts her childhood memories of homelife from outside toilets shared between 4 families, to washdays and more.  Click here to listen to some of Fiona's stories.

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Barbara Dickson, Dunfermline's most famous folk singer, tells us about growing up in Rosyth and Dunfermline.  Click here to hear her re-live happy memories.  Photo Credit: Brian Aris