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“Speaking Of…Dunfermline”

We’re building a new museum, exhibition galleries, children’s library and local studies centre alongside the world’s first Carnegie sponsored free library in Dunfermline.  For more information on the new venue click here.

“Speaking Of…Dunfermline" was set up to research and record people’s stories to bring our museum objects to life.  Funded by Museums Galleries Scotland, the project was launched in autumn 2014 with specially recruited volunteers being trained by the Scottish Oral History Centre.  With the support of a behind the scenes team, who summarised and transcribed recordings, volunteers carried out over 90 local interviews.  They captured stories from miners, rock stars, bus drivers and a former Provost, all of which will be made available by Fife Cultural Trust for further research.  Some will feature in the museum displays within Dunfermline Carnegie Library & Galleries.

Click here to download the Oral History accompanying booklet.

Our stories captured memories across five of our museum's themes:


Click on any of the above themes to listen to some of the memories gathered and edited by our oral history volunteer team (pictured below)

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This project was possible with two grants from Museums Galleries Scotland from their Small Project Fund and Skills Development Fund.

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