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Speaking Of…Dunfermline in Conflict

People in Dunfermline felt particularly vulnerable during the Second World War. The proximity of both the naval dockyard at Rosyth and the Navy coordination centre at Pitreavie Castle meant that children were evacuated and air raids were a constant threat.  Here are some poignant memories from Dunfermline’s home front.

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Former Police Officer George grew up in Rosyth during the second world war.  He has many clear memories of air raids, bombs being dropped around the town and much more.  Click here to listen to George's clips.

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Jane has some amazing memories of her childhood during the Second World War including a bird’s eye view of the raid on the Forth. Despite rationing, hand me downs and evacuation, Jane’s memories of her childhood are fond – she didn’t feel deprived, different or sad.  Click here to listen to some of her stories.

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Jim was 105 when he was interviewed. Can you imagine the changes he has seen in his lifetime! Listen to his memories here of life in Dunfermline, his experience of both the First and Second World Wars and learn how he and the other members of squad H34 became known as the squad that would lie down.