Seal Matrix of William De Lamberton

Full Name: Seal Matrix of William De Lamberton

Object Name: Seal

Period: Medieval

General Location of Find: Boarhills, Fife

Description: A large copper alloy vessica seal matrix with traces of tinning or silvering. The seal matrix has a central device of a saltire, referencing St Andrew with a scallop shell at the top and bottom. This is flanked by a representation of a fish and a bird referencing St Kentigern of Glasgow, where Lamberton was Chancellor in 1293. The legend around the edge reads S’ WILLI DE LAMB’TOIU EPISC ANDRE.

Historical Background: Bishop Lamberton was an important figure during the First War of Scottish Independence (1296-1328). A seal matrix is a small stamp typically made of lead or copper alloy and used to impress a seal into wax, clay, or paper. Found through metal detecting and acquired through Treasure Trove, 2015. Purchased with funding and support from the Friends of Kirkcaldy Galleries, the Art Fund and the Beecroft Bequest.

Materials: copper alloy

Accession No: FIFER:2016.0005

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