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Scottish Parliamentary Information

The Scottish Parliament works with every public library in Scotland to meet its aim of providing community-based access to information about MSPs, the Parliament, its business and its decisions.

Your local library is able to help you find information about the Scottish Parliament and we provide free access to The Scottish Parliament's website:

Among other things, the website gives access to all Scottish Parliament publications, information about the past, present and future parliamentary business, and details of Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs).

You can access the introductory guide to the Parliament and its work:

An easy read version of ‘How the Scottish Parliament Works’, which may be of use to people who have learning disabilities or are not fluent in English, is also available.

You can find contact details for all MSPs on the Scottish Parliament website at:

You will also find a useful glossary of parliamentary terms:

You can contact The Scottish Parliament Public Information Service by calling 0800 092 7500 or 0131 348 5000, or emailing sp.info@scottish.parliament.uk.

Full contact details can be found at the following link: www.scottish.parliament.uk/vli then click on Public Information Service.


The Public Information Service can provide information about all aspects of the Scottish Parliament, its membership, business and procedures. It can also provide copies of information materials in a range of formats and languages.

It is important to understand that the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government are separate organisations, with separate contact details.

  • The Scottish Parliament is the law-making body in Scotland for a wide range of devolved matters and its role is to scrutinise the work of the Scottish Government. It does this by holding meetings that can be attended by all MSPs on Wednesday afternoons and Thursdays and by meeting in smaller groups, in committees, looking at specific subjects, on Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings.
  • The Scottish Government is responsible for defining and implementing policy in devolved areas. The Scottish Government is the place to direct questions about Government policy and about laws that have been passed.


You can find out more about the Scottish Government on its website: