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Recreation – Theatrical Make-up & Box

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Dunfermline Dramatic Society used this make-up in their early productions. The rabbit’s foot was used like a modern-day blusher brush to apply rouge.

Dunfermline Dramatic Society is the oldest in Scotland. Formed on November 25th 1884, they gave their first performance in St Margaret’s Hall on the Evening of Wednesday 22nd April 1885.

Twenty years later in 1904 the society’s production of Rob Roy in the Theatre Royal and Opera House was such an event that the last trains from the Upper Station to Halbeath, Cowdenbeath and Ballingry were delayed to allow the audience to get home!

Another ten years later in 1914 (we think) the Dunfermline Dramatic Club and the Dunfermline Elocution Society combine to form the Dunfermline Amateur Elocution and Dramatic Society. The society continued with this rather long title until the mid-1930s when the elocution part of the name was dropped. From then till now the society has been the Dunfermline Dramatic Society.

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