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Recreation – Tabletop Easel, brushes & painted dish

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These objects belonged to Dunfermline Art Club, which has been in existence since 1883.

The Club’s first exhibition was opened on the 1st of December 1883 by their Honorary President Lord Elgin, and the show ran until the 18th of January 1884. For this launch, the Carnegie swimming pool was turned into a temporary gallery, with the pool covered by flooring and the gallery illuminated by special gas lighting. The works of a number of well-known artists were shown, together with those of 30 local artists. A total of almost 800 works were exhibited.

For many years the Club has held an Annual Exhibition of Members’ work and there have been a number of exhibition venues including Randolph Street, Abbey Park Place, Abbot House, Canmore Congregational Church Hall and more recently, the Kingsgate Shopping Centre.