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Recreation – Pitreavie Athletic Club Vest

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This Pitreavie Amateur Athletic Club shirt has been signed by three of Dunfermline’s Olympians: Linsey Macdonald, Eilidh Doyle and Ian Mackie.      

In the early 1950s, Pitreavie playing fields was a popular training ground for local athletes, both amateur and professional. Mr Ord Cunningham, Chairman of the Dunfermline Carnegie Trust, was interested in athletics and was the prime mover in persuading the Trust to construct a cinder track. This track was completed in 1953 and officially opened in 1954 when the Scottish Schoolgirls’ Championships were held.

In September 1956, in the main pavilion at Pitreavie playing fields, the Pitreavie Amateur Athletic Club was formed.

Athletes from the club have competed in four continents of the world. Club records have been set in countries such as Jamaica, USA, Canada, Japan, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Malta, Italy, Holland, Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, Norway, Portugal, England and Scotland. An altitude record was also set by two athletes who ran a half-marathon 15,000ft up Mount Everest.

On the world stage of athletics, club members have competed at the highest level. Three members have competed at the Olympic Games – Linsey McDonald (1980), Ian Mackie (1996 and 2000) and Eilidh Child (2012). Linsey won a Bronze medal in the 4x400m relay and Ian reached the 100m semi-finals (1996), and relay selection in 2000. Eilidh reached the 400m hurdles semi-finals and was part of the 4×400 relay team.