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Recreation – Model Aeroplane

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This 1955 KeilKraft design model plane was made by Celia McKenzie, member of Dunfermline Model Aero Club.

DMAC was founded in 1936. It is the longest continuously established club in Scotland and also the only multidisciplinary club in Scotland, with members building and flying a wide range of model types.

Edward Keil started the hugely successful KeilKraft business in Canvey in the 1940s, and a decade later his son and namesake, Edward Keil Jr, launched the balsa wood model aeroplane kits like the one that Celia built. By this time the company had re-located to Wickford, Essex and extended its range into model boats. The KeilKraft brand remained in production throughout the 1970s and there are still quite a few kits are available today!