What's ON

Pitteuchar Library

PITTEUCHAR LIBRARY will close from Monday 27th February, 2016 at 5pm

Your nearest alternative libraries are


Rothes Halls Library                         Leslie Library

Rothes Halls                                       289 High Street

Kingdom Centre                               Leslie

Glenrothes KY7 5NX                       KY6 3AX               

Tel: (01592) 583387                          Tel: (01592) 742572


From Wednesday 1st March, the Mobile Library will visit fortnightly as follows:


Glamis Shopping Centre: 9.45-10.45


Readers who find it difficult to use other libraries or the Mobile Library may be interested in the Home Delivery Service.  This is a tailored book lending service for people who are unable to access library buildings or mobile libraries. For further information about the Home Delivery Service, please call 01592 583204.


This bright, spacious community library is situated in the shopping centre in the south of Glenrothes. Shops, the local Primary School and Health Centre are all close by. Physical access may be difficult for some customers, as the library is located on an upper floor via a flight of stairs.

There is an area of quiet study space as well as comfortable seating for browsing or reading.