ONFife Summer Murder Mysteries


Our interactive murder mystery games are you chance to unleash your inner Sherlock and prove yourself as a detective by solving a shocking killing. Watch events unfold then have your chance to interrogate each subject in turn. Bring a team of come on your own! Fun, Funny mysterious and a good night for you. 

Click the images below to find out the events coming to a venue near you! 

        Wizard School ¦ Rothes Halls (5 May)  & Adam Smith Theatre (8 Jun)

    The Doomed Groom  ¦ Fri 6 Jul ¦ Rothes Halls      

   Mrs Peacock's Feathers ¦ Lochgelly Centre ¦ Sat 7 Jul 

  Middle of Summer ¦ Rothes Halls ¦ Sat 28 Jul

 The Phantom ¦ Adam Smith Theatre ¦ Thu 9 Aug 

    Memento Mori ¦ Fri 24 Aug ¦ Adam Smith Theatre



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