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ONFife celebrates value of good friends at Kirkcaldy Galleries

19 February 2020

It’s good to have friends and they don’t come much better than the Friends of Kirkcaldy Galleries.

Last week ONFife was delighted to unveil a new plaque at Kirkcaldy Galleries to recognise the valuable and much appreciated work that the Friends group has been carrying out over the last three decades.

Since forming in 1991, the Friends have given around £135,000 to fund many projects which have enabled the development and preservation of the collections. Their support has assisted curators in purchasing new objects, such as Wemyss Ware pottery and paintings by Alison Watt and George Leslie Hunter.

Funds have also allowed for essential conservation treatment of many paintings and objects which otherwise would not have been in a condition to be displayed.

Recent projects include the conservation of a beautiful Chinese cabinet and Japanese samurai armour for an exhibition of East Asian objects and currently on display in Kirkcaldy Galleries are two newly-conserved paintings – a Scottish Colourist oil painting by F.C.B. Cadell and a portrait of Bailie Robert Philp, a Kirkcaldy linen manufacturer who gave money to fund local schools and the education of hundreds of schoolchildren in the 19th century.

The group has funded the conservation and rebinding of a book containing the earliest burgh court minutes for Kirkcaldy from 1567-7.

Later this year the conservation of a rare floorcloth banner will also be completed thanks to Friends’ funding.

Financial support has also been given for photography and digitisation of collections, allowing greater access to the public.

“The contribution made by the Friends of Kirkcaldy Galleries cannot be overstated,” said Heather Stuart, chief executive of ONFife.

“Their passion and commitment to Kirkcaldy’s cultural heritage has allowed many projects to be undertaken that could not otherwise have gone ahead and has helped preserve works for future generations to enjoy.

“We are thankful to have the Friends and look forward to having their support for the next three decades and beyond.”

Margaret Simpson, chair of the Friends, thanked ONFife for organising the occasion and said the plaque was a token of the rapport between the Friends and the charity.


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