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ONFife announces new campaign to support and entertain Fifers

08 April 2020

ONFife is launching an exciting new ShineOnFife campaign to support, inform, engage and entertain Fifers during these challenging times.

Tapping into its creativity as the kingdom’s largest cultural organisation, it will be shining the spotlight on inspiring activities not only from ONFife but also the best virtual cultural experiences from throughout the UK and beyond.

Almost overnight ONFife has transformed many services previously provided face-to-face in libraries, museums and theatres to embrace the challenge of engaging with people through digital channels.

And with the new ShineOnFife campaign, it is set to become the online place to go for cultural information, support and entertainment in the kingdom.

“Creativity is valuable to our communities and in these unprecedented times, it’s even more important that we help people connect with each other and show that staying home doesn’t mean you’re on your own,” said Heather Stuart, chief executive. “We’re saying to our communities that we’re still here and we’re with you.

“Our teams are pulling out all the stops to develop new community-focused activities that support, inform, engage and entertain, from reaching out directly to customers who might need reassurance to providing amazing online events for families with children at home.

“We’re very keen to engage in a way that is relevant to our communities so we welcome any other ideas from people and communities that may add to what we’re doing, thus helping us all through this challenging time together. People can contact us directly at events@onfife.com.”

New projects already launched or being developed include:

Fife in Lockdown – a Museums-led community-engagement project that will become a lasting legacy recording the stories and experiences of people in Fife during the major historical event we’re living through. It will create a permanent archive of diaries, personal experiences, drawings, photographs and other objects that can eventually be shared in an exhibition but can also be tapped into as a resource by future generations.

LibrarYAY – this new Facebook group developed by the Libraries Young People team has been a runaway success, attracting more than 1000 members in a matter of days from its launch. It tailors creative, inspiring activities for customers of all ages, with new content being posted hourly throughout the day.

#ONFifeCares – will see staff reach out to some of ONFife’s most vulnerable customers by phone to reassure them about services, have a chat and see how we can reimagine our service offer to support them

Virtual Stages – while the doors to the theatres are closed, ONFife’s ‘virtual stages’ are still very much open for entertainment. For example, there will be a Film Club where customers can vote for their favourite moves and watch films streamed through our channels. Budding actors are being encouraged to record themselves performing their favourite scene so their talent can be shared with a wider audience. ONFife is also tapping into its extensive network of contacts in the cultural sector to share fantastic content with Fife audiences from throughout the UK and beyond, such as the release of the highly acclaimed National Theatre Live performance of Fleabag.

Create in Fife 2020 – a new Facebook group designed to engage and support professional creatives. It will provide a channel for people to continue to collaborate, showcase work, get new ideas and stay motivated and inspired.

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For further information please contact: Sheona Small, press officer, 07809 727 989 or email: sheona.small@onfife.com

Notes to editors:

· ONFife (Fife Cultural Trust) manages and operates theatres, libraries, museums and galleries and cultural partnerships on behalf of Fife Council for people living, working and visiting Fife. Further information can be found at www.onfife.com.