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New series of talks reveal fascinating local history

03 February 2020

A new series of talks at Kirkcaldy Galleries will be turning the spotlight on local history and turning up some fascinating stories along the way.

The monthly Twilight Talks are a must for local history buffs but also for anyone interested in the people stories behind the dates and documents.

The first talk, Treasures of the Kirkcaldy Local Studies Collection on Thursday, February 20, will be given by ONFife Local Studies officer Sara Kelly and is an opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the beautiful books, maps, photographs and more objects from the collection.

On Thursday, March 19, Kerry Briers will be revealing some of the mysteries that she has solved through in-depth archives research. As a volunteer at ONFife’s Archives Centre, Kerry delved into the contents of a single deed box concerning the lands of Vicar’s Grange, which is between Kirkcaldy and Kinghorn.

Her talk, Peek Inside the Vicar’s Grange Box, will cover the amazing archive journey that the box has taken her on, from filthy 17th documents to Oliver Cromwell’s signature!

Last in the series looks at the histories of the people who would became Kirkcaldy’s most influential families. Exploring the Genealogy of Kirkcaldy’s 19th Century Industrialists, on Thursday, April 16, will be given by well-known local historian George Proudfoot.

All the talks take place between 5.30pm-6.30pm and cost £3.

The Twilight Talks have been extended to Kirkcaldy Galleries after proving extremely popular at Dunfermline Carnegie Library & Galleries.


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