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Room in DCLG museum showing toys and transport objects

As one of Scotland’s ancient capitals, Dunfermline has a wealth of history that will now be on display in the town’s first large scale museum. Explore the rich past of the locality through 6 themes: Industry, Leisure & Recreation, Transport, Conflict, Homes and Royal Dunfermline.

In these themed areas you will be able to :

Royal Dunfermline – Come face to face with Dunfermline’s Kings & Queens including Queen Margaret of Scotland, King David the First, Queen Anne of Denmark, King Charles I and King Robert the Bruce.

Industry – Delve into Dunfermline’s weaving, mining and engineering heritage and marvel at an original Meldrum Loom, brought to life through video footage, stories and songs from the 6000 weavers that used to work in Dunfermline’s thriving linen industry.

Transport – Explore the wonders of engineering and transport curiosities that have connected Dunfermline to the world, including a nod to the new Forth Bridge, The Queensferry Crossing.

Leisure – Relive the rocking heydays of Dunfermline with contributions from Barbara Dickson, Big Country, Nazareth, The Red Hawks and more!

Homes – Be amazed at the rapid modernisation of domestic life in the 20th Century – best encapsulated in our three kitchens from different eras, going from the 1920s up until the 1990s.

Conflict – Discover the effect of the World Wars on the people of Dunfermline through personal stories, object and photographs.