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Lochgelly Centre Technical


Foyer/Exhibition space, Coffee Bar, Licensed Bar

Seating in two tiers – 397 seats with 15 additional wheelchair bays. (412)


Proscenium width:9.1 metres

Proscenium height:5.1 metres

Stage Depth from iron:8.1 metres

Wing space:3.4 metres PER SIDE

Grid height:8.3 metres – obstruction (for 2.5 metres downstage and 1.5 metres upstage, height reduced to 5.9m)

Apron depth:2.43 metres

Apron width:10.8 metres



Via. workshop, one metre off ground level.  Door space – 3.5 metres x 3.78 metres high.  Stage right.


Control room located F.O.H. at rear of auditorium.

Zero 88 Bullfrog 2 universe (1024)

Zero 88 Ion 2 universe (1024),though check availability of the ION84 dimmers (all circuits 2kw, 15amp outputs).F.O.H.. bridge 10 circuits, Cantana 1200, and Cadenza 2Kw, also two 2kw follow spots on FOH bridge

Onstage 3 lx bars with cantata Fresnel and Source 4 junior zoom , some parcan.

High power data projection system (video projector)

Gives full height cyc background projection as still or moving image.

Induction Loop in operation. 

Please contact Bill Gibson, Technical Manager on 08451 555 555 ext 402223 to discuss technical requirements for your event.