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The silence surrounding the menopause has led to generations of women being under informed about what to expect and how to cope with the symptoms they may experience when transitioning to menopause. Menstruation binds women together with common experiences breaking down barriers, this doesn’t yet seem to be the case with the menopause. It remains a taboo subject which many women do not feel comfortable talking about.

Society currently views the menopause negatively, with hushed conversations taking place between trusted friends. We want to start frank conversations where, with the help of a researcher, we encourage people to challenge their own and society’s view of the menopause, and question why it is still not readily acceptable to talk about it. No longer shying away but embracing it as a step to a new liberating stage of life. Discussing something still regarded as taboo and not readily talked about needs to be handled sensitively. Using drama, comedy and a variety of creative activities we will create safe, supported  spaces and settings to kickstart and encourage what may be currently seen as difficult conversations for individuals, friends and family to start to explore the journey through the menopause with a smile instead of fear.

We are delighted to be working with Dr Vanessa Beck from Bristol University to break down to taboos surrounding the menopause. Vanessa has carried out research into why starting conversations about menopause can be difficult and why we need to start these conversations.

View and download Dr Beck’s Talking Menopause Toolkit:


Information on the menopause

It can be hard to find trusted information on the menopause online. It sometimes feels like a minefield filled with all kinds of untested remedies that may or may not help with your particular symptoms. So, it’s good to know that there are trustworthy sources of information out there and we’ll be sharing some of them with you on this page.

the NHS website has a wealth of information.

Menopause Support has lots of free resources available on their site and they also have a closed FB group for additional support and chat.

The Menopause Charity has loads of useful info on things like hrt and relationship issues during menopause. Davina McCall and Lorraine Kelly are both ambassadors for this charity.

Menopause and Me is a site dedicated to supporting all UK based women through their menopause journey.

Tricky Hat Presents The Flames – 25 September

The Flames Theatre Group joined up in 2021 to work with a group of amazing women to devise a performance to explore stories about life after fifty, presenting a fresh look at how we approach ageing. It was a unique performance of devised work, taking inspiration from everyday life, to challenge pre-conceived ideas of how older people think and what they aspire to.

The event was part of OnFife’s Pause Not Full Stop Project, aiming to break barriers that stop us from talking openly about the Menopause, and bringing it into the spotlight.

If you’ve taken part in any of our Pause Not Full Stop activities or events and haven’t yet shared your experiences, then please take a few moments to give us some feedback with this short Engaging Libraries survey. Find the survey here

Enjoy this cracking video of the Flames performance at Rothes Halls to show the power of amazing women and what they can achieve!

This project is supported by the Carnegie Trust Engaging Libraries project.  Engaging Libraries supports public libraries to run public engagement activities on research within the themes of health, society, and culture. It helps to facilitate partnerships between public libraries and researchers, and spark people’s curiosity around topics that are relevant or interesting to them. The programme is a partnership between the Carnegie UK Trust, Wellcome and the Wolfson Foundation.