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Ref No. Archive Title Date
A/AAF/40/104/3 Noted account of salt pans 18C
A/AAF/40/68 Receipts for work by weavers, spinners, bleachers, shoemakers and coopers
A/AAF/40/69/1/1 Contract of John Earl of Rothes and John Mylne for building and repairing Leslie House
A/AAF/40/105/1 Drawing and explanation of the water engine for pumping water at the coalworks 18C
A/AAF/40/82/1/16 Letter from William Wemyss to John Angus
A/AAK/21/24 Scanned copy of photograph of Mansefield and the Croft, Leslie including the Gas Works, nd and copy of photograph of the Croft, nd
A/AAF/40/37/5/3 Note regarding supply of water from Lochore.
A/AAK/21/8 Scanned copy of postcard of Kirk on the Green and war memorial, Leslie and copy of postcard of the Bull Stone, Leslie Green
A/AAF/40/105/2 Drawing of the machine plus windmill and an estimation of the cost of the wright's workmanship. 18C
A/AAF/40/78/3 Bills for medicine supplied to the Earl of Rothes; and three documents relating to work done by William Adam
A/AAF/40/82/1/13 Directions from the Earl of Rothes.
A/AAK/21/22 Scanned copy of photograph of Strathendry Mill, Walkerton, Leslie, and Flax Mill, Walkerton, Leslie, n.d.
A/AAF/40/81/4/45 Memorandum anent Cadham bore.
A/AAF/40/53 Elections: papers relating to the 1812 Peers' election, and the people to produce qualifications at the next election, 1835
A/AAK/21/15 Scanned copy of photograph of burnt-out church in Newtown, Leslie, nd and copy of photograph of West Public School, Leslie, nd
A/AAF/40/73/2 Discharges and receipts etc
A/AAF/40/87/3 (?) Missing.[since c1992]
A/AAF/40/88 Miscellaneous. Contents include a small quantity of correspondence relating to mining, c1735-45
A/AAF/40/64 Lawsuits includes agreement anent the marches of Bigg, Fostertown, Muirhouses and Ballbeg, 1756. Law Agents accounts, 1750. Pleading and prints of legal proceedings, 18th century. Also includes a number of personal bonds and other writs, 18th century.
A/AAF/40/73/1 Bonds etc
A/AAF/40/65/4/2/5 Receipt of John Ballfour and John Allis, wrights
A/AAF/40/58/2 Rough plan labelled Ground Floor 1st Scheme, [Leslie House?]
A/AAF/40/30/4/4 Declaration by the Earl of Rothes appointing a Depute Lieutenant for Fife.
A/AAF/40/21/6 Letter to the Earl of Rothes.
A/AAF/40/28/7/3 Bill presented to the Earl of Rothes for provision of certain services, such as ‘watch money, hearth money, and poor house.
A/AAF/40/81/2/13 Command of payment from Margaret Rothes for Alexander Dewar.
A/AAF/40/20/4/1 Five receipts relating to the advertisement of roups and money received.
A/AAF/40/49/7/3 Letter (author unknown) concerning the threat of the Catholic Church to Protestants.
A/AAF/40/87/2/1 Note on the proposed method to make James Cairns, collier, a freeman. 18C


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