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A/AAE/3 Accounts
A/AAF/40/74/1/61 Bill of James Andersone in Easter Flisk for freight of Heighem [Higham] bere from Balmebrighe to Perth etc
A/AAK/21/25 Scanned copy of photograph of the Countess Lodge, Leslie House and copy of photograph of the Duchess Lodge, Leslie House, nd
A/AAX/16 Chief Constables Association file index
A/ABG/2/18 Letters to W.N. Monteith II from Muriel
A/AAF/39 Legal Papers relating to purchase of Rothes Estate by Glenrothes Development Corporation
A/AAO/15 Inchkeith Court - Glenrothes, Fife
A/AAF/39/1/10 Number not used
A/AAK/20 Photocopy of Greenwood's map of Fife showing Ballingry and Kinglassie
A/AAL/4/32 TAFAC leaflet
A/AAF/39/1/24 Number not used
A/AAF/40/85/2/2 Estimate of the charge for erecting a wind mill and sinking the engine at Strathore. 18th century
A/AAX/18/2/34 Foreign Phrase-Book, for use by Police when dealing with traffic situations
A/AAF/39/1/27 Number not used
A/AAF/39/1/28 Number not used
A/AAF/39/1/29 Number not used
A/AAF/40/82/1/13 Directions from the Earl of Rothes.
A/AAF/40/82/5/68 Journal of bores at Auchmuty and Balbirnie.
A/AAF/40/89/1/45 Order from William Hay to David Ireland in Caskieberran, to grant the wife of David Anderson, a collier at Cluny some meal, 'he being unable to work by reason of a sore leg'
A/AAF/40/30/8/3 Appeal for public support of a college by voluntary and annual contribution for the reception, maintenance and education of the infants and orphans of soldiers” (printed).
A/AAK/3 Notes on Markinch from the Third Statistical Account of 1952 and other local history books
A/AAF/39/1/13 Number not used
A/AAO/116/3 Spare copies of Scotspeak publications
A/AAL/5 Education records
A/AAF/39/1/32 Number not used
A/AAF/40/40/7/2 Note of items not contained in the signed inventorys of the moveables of the house of Leslie.
A/AAF/40/30/9/2 Proposal by John Adam (Edinburgh Architect) for quartering two troops of dragoons at Blair in Fife.
A/AAF/40/85 Coal – mechanical. Contents include directions to be followed at Strathore, 1734
A/AAF/40/81/4/46 Notice that an advertisement should be sent to Dundas and 'the other gentlemen' when new sink is ready for inspection. Also part of letter about inspection (torn), at Cluny.


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