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Ref No. Archive Title Date
A/AAF/39/4/1 Inventory of Writs, 1783-1954, concerning Easter and Wester Pitteuchar, part of Bighty Muir and others.
A/AAA/1 Certificates and testimonials
A/AAF/39/4/80 Note of points on which local authorities can give information in connection with purchase of heritable property.
A/AAF/40/30/5/3 Order from the Earl of Rothes as Lord Lieutenant of Fife ordering that all boats upon the Tay betwixt Perth and the Broad water be carried up to Perth and all boats below that be taken to Ferry port on Craig.
A/AAF/40/30/5/4 List of officers for the Eastern Regiment.
A/AAF/39 Legal Papers relating to purchase of Rothes Estate by Glenrothes Development Corporation
A/AAF/39/1/37 Number not used
A/AAF/40/30/5/5/1 Estimate of requirements for the barracks at Leslie
A/AAF/40/28/7/3 Bill presented to the Earl of Rothes for provision of certain services, such as ‘watch money, hearth money, and poor house.
A/AAF/39/1/38 Number not used
A/AAF/39/1/114 Notes on the Sibbald family
A/AAF/39/4/75 Draft Copy of Bond of Cash Credit and disposition in security according to small Dwellings Acquisition (Scotland) Acts, 1899 to 1923 in favour of Royal Burgh of Kirkcaldy.
A/AAF/40/30/10/7 Printed memorandum from the War office regarding officers who wish to leave their commissions and chose who hold a rank in the army superior to date of the commission which they hold in their regiment or corps.
A/AAF/39/1/41 Instrument of Sasine in favour of Mrs Christian Low alias Beath and Mrs Margaret Low alias Greig, and disposition by Mrs Magdalene Low alias Reid and her husband
A/AAF/39/1/45 Number not used
A/AAA/2 Diaries and notebooks
A/AAF/40/3/5 Book of meal and malt for the family of the Countess of Rothes: - includes slips granting meal to individuals from the Countess (payment/charity?)
A/AAF/39/1/9 Number not used
A/AAF/40/4/2/8 Instruction from Margaret Rothes to pay Alexander Dewar.
A/AAF/40/30/10/9 List of absent officers and duty officers. 1767
A/AAF/40/17/2 Printed index to book – Latin
A/AAA/3 Correspondence
A/AAF/39/1/24 Number not used
A/AAF/40/30/9/2 Proposal by John Adam (Edinburgh Architect) for quartering two troops of dragoons at Blair in Fife.
A/AAF/39/2/122 Inventory of title deeds referred to in the subjects Over Stenton Farm
A/AAF/40/20/4/1 Five receipts relating to the advertisement of roups and money received.
A/AAF/39/1/29 Number not used
A/AAF/39/1/47 Number not used
A/AAF/39/1/36 Number not used


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