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Industries – Open Display – Palace Chair

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This 300 year old oak chair is truly fit for a king with its decoration of crowns, spirals, and scrolls. It came from Dunfermline Palace and has a plaque attached that dates it as “prior to the Union”, referring to the Union of 1707 between Scotland and England.

Dunfermline was chosen by many of Scotland’s Queens as a place to give birth, protected by the nearby relics of St. Margaret, Patron Saint of children and families.

Queen Anne of Denmark was particularly fond of Dunfermline and remodelled the Abbey guest house as a royal palace in 1589.  In preparation for the birth of their first child, Prince Henry, Queen Anne was gifted a special bed by her husband. It was adorned with green silk and velvet and embroidered with gold and silver thread.

Princess Elizabeth was born in Dunfermline Palace in 1596, as were her brothers, Charles and Robert.  Sadly, Prince Robert died in infancy and was interred in the royal burial vault situated between the south-east buttresses of the palace.