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Shot firing was very dangerous work. Before the development of delayed shot detonators, like the 15 shot exploder in this display, every detonator had to be placed and fired by the miners individually and accidents were common.

“Always listen to the Shot-firer”: Never was there better advice! Why?…

Shotfirers worked underground in coal mines. Their job was to safely set and detonate the explosives that were used to blast coal from the seams.

The short firer decided on the quantity of explosives required and would check blasting areas to make sure they had met safety regulations before positioning explosives in bore holes and priming explosives, using detonators and explosive cartridges.

They then connected the wires, fuses and detonating cords to explosive cartridges and detonators, and gave final warning before detonating the explosives.

After the explosion, the shot firer would inspect the area to make sure all explosives had detonated and that the site was safe to work in, before the miners could return to work.