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Weaver’s Magnifying Glass. 18th c.  Brass. Used to check fine detail.

This little gadget has a few different names in the weaving world – the ‘web glass’, the ‘linen loupe’, the ‘thread counter’. All these names hint at the job it does – magnifying the threads in a piece of cloth to allow the user to inspect the weave for imperfections.

Did you know that all of these professions also use a magnifying loupe…

Jewellers use a loupe to examine gemstones in detail

Dentists use a loupe in the form of a pair glasses to closely inspect teeth

Tattoo Artists use a loupe to check the quality of their needle tips before use

Watchmakers use a loupe to help assemble mechanical watches – fiddly work!

Surgeons use loupes in the form of custom-made glasses. They are commonly used for close work in neurosurgery and cardiac surgery

Collectors use a loupe to evaluate the quality of e.g a stamp or coin

Engineers use a loupe to inspect completed circuit boards that consists of many tiny electronic components

Printers use a loupe in order to carefully analyse how ink lies on paper

Biologists use a loupe to help identifying species in field situations where a full-sized microscope is impractical