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Industries – Beautiful Things – Embroidered Linen Bedspread

Produced by Hay & Robertson Ltd

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The beautiful colours of the peacock         Hay & Robertson’s Embroidery Department. Mid 20th c.


Dunfermline’s Pittencrieff Park was once full of preening peacocks strutting their stuff. They brought the traffic to a halt on the High Street on a regular basis, and were often spotted in nearby villages.

The free-roaming peacocks were introduced to Dunfermline at the beginning of the 1900s, but their population dwindled over the latter half of the twentieth century until only one remained, affectionately known by locals as ‘Clive’.  Now, thanks to a new sanctuary in the park, the peacocks are back to stay!

The sanctuary houses both peacocks and peahens. The birds, which have the freedom of Dunfermline, return at night to be feed at the sanctuary before flying off to roost in the park's trees.